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13 oz. Scrim Vinyl


Our most popular material, 13 oz. scrim vinyl, is made of a strong nylon mesh covered in vinyl. This material not only offers durability, it delivers it. This vinyl has a 3-5 year life span when continuously used outdoors, and a 7-10 year life span when continuously used indoors. A semi-gloss finish provides a great base for sharp digital printing with clarity and vibrancy that lasts for years. Banners can be hemmed and grommeted for added durability and for easy hanging.



This material is basically the insides of 13 oz. scrim vinyl. There are criss-crossed fibers which create a printable surface. Much like mesh fabric, you can see through this material to some extent but still also see the printed graphic.

This material is commonly used for banners and screens.

Billboard Print

Unlike other companies who print at 24 or 72 DPI, we normally print billboards starting at 360 DPI. We can print up to 16 feet before having to seam. The materials we use for billboards are 13 oz. Normandy Pro scrim vinyl as well as white and black-backed Cooley vinyls. Our billboards come standard with pole pockets on all four sides at no extra charge.


This polyester material is similar to the lightweight nylon used in flags, but is much stronger & it has a 4-5 year life span. Colors turn out exceptionally vibrant on this fabric for an eye-popping display. Cloth items can be hemmed and grommeted

This material is commonly used for table covers, banners, backdrops, and miscellaneous displays.

Interior Banners
can be used for special events, promotions and tradeshows. Banners to be used indoors can be made of lighter weight material or of more elegant nylon coated fabric. Several finishing styles such as grommets or pole pockets can be used for your custom banner. Full Color digital printing is available.  Logos and designs can be produced on your banner.
Exterior Banners
are made of 10oz to 18 oz scrim vinyl, single sided or read from both sides. Mesh banner material is great for high wind areas. Your exterior banner can be sewn with many finishing styles to suit your specific needs. Logos are our specialty! Yours will look great on your banner.
Street Banners
When you need to tell the whole town, order a street banner! Heavy duty scrim vinyl banners in super sizes such as 3x24 feet or 4x36 feet will be sewn or heat welded with reinforced seams and hems.  Mesh Banners are also a great solution to large banners.  Billboard banners come with pole pockets on all 4 sides, ready for installation.